Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention (ODHDSP) Project

Implementation of population-wide and priority population approaches to prevent obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, and the reduction of health disparities among adults

In Our Worksites

Live a healthy and active life even while on the working a 9-5 job. Click here to read more.


In Our Communities

Learn how we educate local communities and families about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


In Our Faith Communities

Read about how we work together with faith communities to bring about healthier lifestyles.


In Our Health Systems

Read about how we work with local health organizations to help promote healthy living.

IMG_0030Active Routes to School (ARTS)

Active Routes to School, a project of the NC Safe Routes to School Program and a partnership between the NC Department of Transportation and the NC Department of Public Health.

Region 7 Counties

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